The following list has been compiled by one of our members kabswillchange who has achieved 8 months sobriety at the time of publishing this page 2nd/Sep/2022 

May Allah grant him lifelong sobriety, and accept his time and effort in creating this list, may it also be a sadaqah jariyah for him. Ameen


compiled by kabswillchange


The main aim is to build a natural resistance to accessing X-rated material.

Blockers do help, and they will help. But technology can be bypassed. There’s always a way. Blockers are NOT fool proof. Use blockers to help you get to the point of not accessing X-rated material naturally.

For example. I currently know that whatever blocker I am using on my phone can be bypassed, but I’m not going to attempt to bypass it since I am conscious of the fact that it will lead me down a loophole.

I highly recommend that you combine apps. This will create the best barrier against accessing X-rated material.

With the help of the My Tazkiyah community , I’ve compiled a list of blockers below through my own experience, other brothers’ experience and reviews. There are thousands of blockers out there, but I’ve selected the most efficient.

See below for a list of blockers with reviews.


Some good blockers/restrictions:

****Calling up your Internet Service provider****

Before you start blocking content on your phone/pc, it is best to call up your ISP and ask them to block Adult content and also call your mobile service provider.

***Android*** (combine apps if you can)

Detoxify (Android Blocker – 3 day trial but PAID $5.50 p/m)
One of the best blockers for Android. Multiple modes of filtering / Custom blacklist sites / apps / Uninstall pin protection (accountability buddy) / Safe Search (avoid triggering content) / accountability alerts / Device admin permission.
Good customer service. Quick response times. Personally used.
My RATING: 4.8*

BlockP (Android Blocker FREE & PAID)
Free version is littered with ADs. Best to pay premium.
Adult content blocker (filters sites + social networks) / Uninstall prevention / accountability partner password protection / Safe search / block newly installed apps + browsers / Device Admin permission

Qustudio (Android Control app FREE & PAID )
originally created for parents to control their kids phone usage but works perfectly for pmo addicts. Give access to a trusted person and allow them to receive reports of your activity. You can also block harmful content. It’s an all in one app.

BlockerX(Android Blocker PAID $7.50 p/m (3 day trial))
Uninstall notification to acc partner / safe search / word blocker. This app is much better on Android than on IPhone. Don’t recommend for iOS.

Bulldog Blocker (Android Blocker FREE)
This is a great app if you have financial problems and can’t subscribe to a paid app. Block pornographic websites.Blocks many known malware, spyware, and phishing sites. Block any apps you choose. Does a certain social media app keep tripping you up? You can block it!. Lock the filter to prevent disabling in a moment of temptation. You can use PIN protection, a timed delay, or even require permission from someone else remotely!

Blocker Hero

Family link (android – a Google app, so very secure – FREE)
Basic web filtering. Easy to use and secure due to being a Google App. You can restrict Youtube, Google play store and search.

***iPhone iOS*** (combine apps if you can)

Screen time (iPhone – built in – FREE)
Screen Time is built into iOS. Go into your settings to enable it. Add your own restrictions. I.e. the x rated websites you used to visit and then ask someone else whos trustworthy to set a password. Make sure to skip Apple ID to limit loopholes. Cannot be bypassed unless you know the password.

Covenant Eyes (activity tracker/Blocker – PAID $16.99 p/m)
Great activity tracker. If you visit harmful/sensitive content, it will send that information to your ally. Perfect if you have an AP that you regularly contact. Also contains a blocker the blocks explicit content. Covenant eyes is also available for android, but it is much better for iOS.

Porn Block Plus (Block explicit sites on safari FREE)
Very good reviews. Recommended. Block P sites on safari by downloading this app. You can add filters and specific websites you want blocked. It’s free too!


Cold Turkey (PC/Mac – FREE & paid)
cold turkey allows you to block any website you desire. Uninstalling Cold Turkey is not an easy process. I use it currently and haven’t really thought about uninstalling it! So I’m not sure how to. Best not to try right?

Freedom (PC/Mac – FREE & Paid)
A simple but effective blocker. It can be easily bypassed, however, if you want to limit content consumption, then this is great for it.


Windows (Built In) Filter:
Click on the Start menu.
Settings gear.
Go to Family and other people.
Click on the link “Manage family settings online”.
Click on the Web Browsing button.
Click on the “Block inappropriate websites” button.


Mac (Built In) Filter:
System Preferences
Parental Controls
Create a new user account with parental controls
Click Continue and enter the account password to unlock preferences
Create User
From here, you can limit access to adult websites etc.


Block Adult sites with DNS Filtering services:

The fastest, most efficient and easiest way to properly block and filter content is to use the OpenDNS service. OpenDNS is a public DNS service that can intercept and filter or block content based on your settings. There are other DNS services too. Please visit this link for a tutorial:


Norton Family Premier (PC/MAC Blocker – PAID $36.00 p/y)
Block adult content on your PC or Mac. It’s quite simple to use and is very secure. Has easily filtering methods and can be set from low to high restrictions. It is also quite cheap at approximately 30 dollars per year, instead of monthly payment.


Originally designed to block ads, but can also block explicit content with a filtering system. Switch the safe search option on and block adult content.


Browser Extensions:

Now, there are many so I’ll just list a few below:
Smart Internet Porn Filter from vRate
A9 Web protection: safe web filter