Why Join

The 8 Stages to Recovery

In addiction, there is one very important factor. That is to admit there is a problem before real recovery can begin.

The first stage is vital and one of the most important stages in the program. In this stage, one must accept defeat and admit that this addiction is beyond your control and then with this admission comes the realisation that “your” way of doing things is just not working. You realise that you do need external help to recover and achieve true and authentic sobriety.

24/7 Support on Forums

The forums are a safe space for people to share their experience with each other. It is a place where you can share your struggles and difficulties with this addiction and get help, monitoring and support.

You can be yourself and find acceptance here with us. We hope you feel comfortable in starting your journey of recovery, healing and a new healthy way of life.

In the forums we have laid out the 8 Stages with a board dedicated for each Stage. This is where you can get started and ask questions whilst working the program. We will be there to answer your questions and help you on the road to recovery in sha Allah. You can also start threads on other subjects and get advice on them. The forums are a place where you will be able to build a network of recovery.

Weekly Conference Call

On the calls we share our daily struggles and bring things to light along with going through readings.

For the phone number, or to check the current schedule and access codes for the Conference Call, please click the button below.

Option to Join Coaching

Coaching is for individuals who want to work the program intensively. Your coach will personally go through the eight stages with you and give you the direct guidance, monitoring and support needed.

On each call you will go through a stage and then will be given an assignment/worksheet to complete. You will have to complete the assignment and then go through it with your coach making sure you are ready to move on to the next stage.

This interaction will really boost your recovery as you will be able to talk directly to an experienced coach about your problems and the solution to your problems. We will make sure you go through the whole program and where needed, will give you the advice, motivation and guidance necessary.

The program helped me see life from a different perspective. I realised the problem was not out there but was in here, between my two ears

Br. Abdul Ahad, My Tazkiyah member