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My Tazkiyah is the place where muslims struggling with pornography addiction and sexually destructive behaviours can find recovery and freedom. We have an 8 stage program which has been designed to accommodate muslims. This program has very high recovery rates and has proven to be successful in helping sex addicts reclaim their lives.

We have a program and don’t claim it is for everybody but for many addicts it has worked. If you think you are suffering from pornography and sex addiction, we would like to share this program of recovery with you.

  • Are you stuck with feelings of guilt, shame, remorse and despair?
  • Has your porn and sex addiction affected your studies, work, marriage, family, relationships?
  • Has your online pornography use escalated?
  • Are you crossing boundaries and watching things you would never have thought you would watch?
  • Or has your addiction progressed from pornography to zina?

Well we are here to tell you are not alone and have come to the right place. My Tazkiyah is a community with a common journey of recovery. You can engage with people and bring the inside out without being judged but rather get help, support, monitoring and guidance. All this can be done anonymously by creating a members account with your preferred display name.

We have a proven method that has worked for many addicts. We promote a culture of sobriety and our program will help you get to that stage in life where you can look the world in the eye and stand free by the will of Allah.

By joining our program we will give you a plan that you can follow. A simple method of recovery that has worked for countless individuals. Our program focuses on “letting go and letting god” which means surrendering your entire life to the care of Allah swt. This is the crux of the program; it is to regain conscious contact with Allah in an authentic and honest manner.

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In Sha Allah

This program literally changed my life. I was on the brink of loosing my marriage and career but by the will of Allah this program helped me reclaim my life when i was at a stage where i thought there was no hope for me, May Allah bless the brothers who were there for me.

Anonymous, My Tazkiyah member