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Behind My Tazkiyah

Ustadh Gabriel Al Romani

Gabriel Keresztes Al Romaani is a Positive Islamic Psychology Counsellor, Educational Consultant and Media Presenter (Peace TV, Huda TV, Iqraa TV)
After studying Islam for many years, he converted in 2003.


He is a graduate of Mishkah University (USA) where he completed his Associate’s Degree and his Bachelors in Islamic Studies. He has a certification in Existential Well-being Counselling (University of KU Leuven, Belgium), as well as a certification with specialisation in Children and Family Achievers (Positive Islamic Psychology Center and Khalifa Education Foundation, Malaysia). He is currently completing a Masters in Islamic Education and Counselling from University Malaya, Malaysia.

Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim

Ramiz Ibrahim was born in London, UK. He is of Turkish Cypriot origin. He embraced Islam in 1997 and since then has been involved in giving dawah and lectures on Islamic topics and self development.


He has an Advanced Diploma in Integrative & Therapeutic Counselling with 17 years experience and is the owner of Therapy Clinic London whereby he is the Senior Hijamah Therapist and Psychotherapist. He is involved in the community providing counselling, coaching, mediation , outreach and Islamic work.

Ustadha Naeema

Ustadha Naeema is a graduate of Jamea Al Kauthar where she completed her Aalimiyah studies. She has been actively teaching Quran and Islamic studies since.


She is heavily involved with assisting the needs of the community when it comes to relationship and family advice. She is also dealing with women and youth with underlying mental health issues. She is now further studying to become a qualified counsellor.

Ustadha Jasmine

Ustadha Jasmine has an A.S. degree in Psychology and is Reiki certified in 1st and 2nd degree. Currently she is completing her B.S. degree in Psychology and B.Ed in Islamic Education at the International Open University.


Ustadha Jasmine has experience of working with muslims who suffer from various different mental health issues which include addictions, stress, anxiety, and depression.


Ustadh Ahmed Tomal

Ahmed Tomal is a BACP qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist. He specialises in providing counselling for Muslims who want to overcome their addictions, stress, anxiety, manage their anger and learn more about themselves and those around them.


He welcomes, enjoys and has experience in working with people from all walks of life. He is qualified and trained in supporting people with a variety of mental health and relationship issues through counselling and psychotherapy.  

Ustadh Abu Abdullah

Ustadh Abu Abdullah has a background in coaching, mentoring and counselling. He has worked with young offenders based in the Hertfordshire area, dealing with drug, alcohol addiction, and repeat offenders, helping them return to society after they get released.


He is currently based in the middle east and is now doing work in student counselling, training and development.

Ustadh Abu Musa

Abu Musa is a Co-founder of My Tazkiyah. He has many years of experience in working with addicts and has conducted extensive research on Porn and Sex addiction amongst Muslim communities.


He has a degree in BSc Biomedical Science and has been involved with mental health studies exploring different therapeutic interventions such as CBT and Psychotherapy. Abu Musa has also worked as a Teacher and Youth Worker, liaison with street active young people, helping them to recover from Drug and Alcohol addiction.

Ustadh Luqman

Religious commitment, Personal Development, Psychology and Leadership are the areas that define Ustadh Luqman. It’s his passion in these areas that makes him determined in making a difference in people’s lives. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with Counselling. He was the president of his Islamic Society and is currently the Project Manager of his organisation.


Ustadh Luqman has experience of working with muslims who suffer from various different mental health issues which include addictions (social media, drugs, alcohol), stress, anxiety, and depression.

Ustadh Abdul Rahman

Abdul Rahman is a former adult trainer and secondary school teacher and is now a qualified life coach specialising in addiction recovery and more specifically porn addiction in the Muslim community.

Abu Yaseen

Abu Yaseen is a Co-founder of My Tazkiyah. He also runs a charity organisation and is involved in many charity projects in the UK and overseas. He is involved in the community via charity, outreach and Islamic work.

Ustadh Muhammad

Born and raised in East London, Ustadh is a Hafidh of Quran-al-kareem and graduated from Al-Azhar University, (Islamic law). Since then Ustadh has been active in spiritual healing, and practising family mediation, related to Divorce. Since 2018 Ustadh has been dealing with youth’s mental related sysmtoms such as depression, and anxiety. Ustadh also delivers Jummah khubah in several Mosques around Britain.

Ustadh Yusuf Idrissi

Imam & Daee

Adil Piprawala

Adil is a BSc Computer Science Graduate. 

Adil is responsible for Administration, Finance, Website Management and also Account Management.